An EVS volunteer says „Thank you Romania”

Alpaslan Gunebakan, EVS volunteer at CREED Romania from April 2015 to February 2016, shares his feelings about the experience he had in Romania:

„Last year today, I sailed to new experiences, to new life in a country which I didn’t know that afterwards I would consider it as if my home country. I had many question marks in my mind and the biggest one was whether I would be able to speak English well. I was ready suffering to do it but I don’t remember that I had been so happy in any point of my life as I was in Romania. I have regreted for nothing, maybe I could have studied more but it is ok. Sometimes I was bored, sometimes I was annoyed but now, I don’t even remember for what. I would like to thank everyone whoever I’ve met in Romania it couldn’t have been better without all you guys but I think Romania deserves the biggest thank. Thank you Romania.”

Thank you, Alp, for your good thoughts! We are happy that you have so nice memories from Romania! May all your dreams come true!

                                                                       Alpaslan Gunebakan -2


An EVS volunteer says „Thank you Romania”
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