STOP VIOLENCE: WOMEN AND DISABILITY, 7-13 February 2016, Oviedo(Asturias), Spain

Mihaela Chiribău-Albu, CREED volunteer, took part in a seminar entitled STOP VIOLENCE: WOMEN AND DISABILITY, organized by Spanish National Agency for Erasmus+: Youth in Action, in cooperation with Instituto Asturiano de la Juventud.

The seminar organized within the Erasmus+Programme aimed to provide a platform for discussion and exchange on the important issues in European youth work. Supported by 3 facilitators (Rebeca de Soignie, Maria Perez and Andrea Berrocal) and being also offered theoretical inputs by experts in the seminar topics, participants contributed to discussions and exchanged good practices on the chosen themes: violence, gender, disabilities.

Altogether, 18 people from Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Spain took part in the seminar.

The overall aim and specific objectives of the project were:

-to increase the awareness about disability, with special focus on situations that usually are not properly addressed, like double discrimination on gender violence and disability;

– to present examples of experiences and projects carried out in these areas and assess the feasibility of adapting the tools to participantsꞌ realities;

-to develop new projects within the framework of Erasmus+;

-to promote networking and give the participants the opportunity to keep in contact in the future.

Through an active and non-formal methodology, the participants explored different subjects as gender, violence and disability, starting from a personal reflection and going step by step to a wider framework up to the European level. The methods included a role playing dealing with the three main fields of the seminar, a panel of experiences, visits to different organizations (as Fundación ONCE, for cooperation and social inclusion of persons with disabilities), ”Erasmus+ pills” in order to organize future projects.

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STOP VIOLENCE: WOMEN AND DISABILITY, 7-13 February 2016, Oviedo(Asturias), Spain
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